It is available to tour one of the most traveled trails and remembered by the writer Gerald Brenan, English Hispanita who lived in this town for several years. The route begins at this point, next to the house that was said writer. You will pass through the village until you reach its lowest area, where you can find the Camel fountain, which is also a laundry. From here you will take a path down to the so-called Rock of the fort, fortress of the 11TH century in which the last Moorish of Yegen took refuge. It is a huge rock, with a flat top, which comes to protrude up to about fifteen meters above the valley. You will return by a path that, after passing the so-called Moro armchair, will leave you in the upper part of the village.

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In the short distance you have this route you will be surprised by the diversity of places you will find. It crosses in the ascent barren lands and then descends, under the shade of centenarian chestnuts. While walking along this colorful road, you will see different farmhouses, some old and some more recent, that merge with the Sierra. Halfway through the health fountain, of non-potable water, next to the ravine of health, elements that give name to this path. Finally you will pass through a beautiful Holm oak grove until you reach the road that joins Yegen with value, final point of the route.


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