1. OWNER OF THE WEB For the purposes of the provisions of Art. 10.1 of the LSSICE, it is stated that the website is the property of the entity ANTISA YEGEN S.L. and there are information and services related to the possibility of making room reservations and hiring packages, offers or other hotel services.
2. TERMS OF USE AND EXCLUSION OF LIABILITY2.1. Access to this website is the sole responsibility of the users. The risks arising from its use are the sole and exclusive charge of the user. 2.2. The information contained on the website is provided for the convenience of users. This information may contain inaccuracies, errors, omissions and/or inaccuracies, so the owner does not guarantee the reliability, accuracy and/or security of its content. 2.3. The information that appears on the website is current as of the date of its last update. The holder reserves the right to make, at any time, any changes, updates and / or deletions that he deems appropriate. 2.4. The owner of the website is not responsible for any damages that may arise from interferences, interruptions, computer viruses and / or disconnections in the operation of this electronic system, or those that may be caused by third parties illegitimate intrusions into the system. 2.5. The user undertakes to use the website and the services made available to him in accordance with the law, moraland and good customs, refraining from using it for illicit purposes, contrary to the provisions of these rules, or in any way that may harm prevent normal use by other users. 2.6. The services that are collected and provided through the web are intended for the elderly so that users who contract services through this website declare that they are of legal age. No information regarding minors will be requested or collected. 2.7. The owner is not responsible for the content, products and / or services that may be obtained through links to advertising or third-party websites (links) through this website. The presence of links is for informational purposes only and does not presuppose any kind of relationship between the owner and the owners of the website that can be accessed through these links. 2.8. The content of this website is intended for personal use, so you may not copy, reproduce, distribute, communicate, publish, assign, transform, sell or use the content of this website for public or commercial purposes. 2.9. The owner may withdraw or suspend at any time and without prior notice the provision of services to those users who have violated the provisions of this document, or incurred in violation of laws, morals or public order. The exclusion of the user will not imply the waiver to exercise the legal actions relevant to the requirement of liability. 3. EXCLUSION RIGHTS AND REASONS The owner reserves the right to temporarily or definitively exclude users of this website in case of any of the following assumptions: • Breach of any of the General Conditions set out herein. • Non-compliance with laws, morals and public order. In no case, such exclusion from the user shall constitute a waiver to take the appropriate legal actions, as well as any possible compensations that may apply. 4. CONTRACTUAL PROCESS For the purposes of Art. 27 of the LSSICE, the contractual process carried out by means of will be carried out by the following steps: • First: Selection of the hotel, offer, package or other hotel services on the main page through the search parameters as well as dates of stay. • Second: Choice of room type, number of rooms, and number of people. • Third: Selection of additional supplements and services with sample of the final price. Insertion of both personal data relating to the reservation, as well as the bank card used as guarantee of the reservation, and acceptance of general conditions of the reservation. • Fourth: Reservation formalization, confirmation page display. • Fifth: Sending the confirmation email of the reservation with details of the same. When you formalize the reservation, an electronic document will be generated and then incorporated into your cardholder's files. The user will have at all times full access and knowledge of it by sending an email with its contents at the end of the reservation process. Once the reservation is formalized, the customer is requested to review the contents of the reservation so that he can identify possible material errors in the introduction of data; If corrected, the user may call the reservation center telephone (+34) 958 85 10 72 or send an email to providing the identification details of the reservation. 5. COMMUNICATIONS SECURITY 5.1. The online booking service guarantees security and confidentiality in transactions. 5.2. The connection to the transactional service is made through a secure server. This is the standard Internet security technology, Secure Socket Layer (SSL), which applies an encryption system to provide maximum confidentiality in the data transmitted by it. The information is transmitted encrypted ensuring that it is only intelligible to the client's computer and the server of the web owner. 5.3. Verification that the connection is made through a secure server can be verified through one of the following systems: – Using the address of the server, since a secure server starts with https. – By indicating your browser program in which an entire key appears to a closed padlock at the bottom of the screen. 6. USE OF COOKIES As a result of the entry on the main website, as well as on the linked pages, cookies may be incorporated into your computer. If users are not interested in doing so, they must configure their browser in such a way that it prevents the incorporation of cookies on their computer. 7. APPLICABLE LAW The relations between the owner of the website and the users will be governed by Spanish law. 8. JURISDICTION The Courts of Granada shall have jurisdiction to hear any dispute between the parties, expressly waiing any other jurisdiction that may correspond to them.